Helping people understand fires

Fion is used by firefighters, forestry services, wineries, financial instutions and insurance companies for the most accurate fire prediction and detection on the market.

firefighters & forestry services

On the frontlines

Our main focus is getting Fion in the hands of the people combatting wildfires. The information Fion provides allow firefighters and forestry services to make strategic decisions quicker for better outcomes.


Prepare for the worst

Wineries are facing unprecedented challenges posed by wildfires. Fion provides accurate wildfire spread prediction and damage estimation so owners can prepare for disaster.

insurance companies

Balancing risk

Fion’s proprietary machine learning model allows insurance companies to apply a smarter model for protecting today’s world.

financial institutions

Ahead of the curve

Fion is the first solution to offer spread prediction and destruction estimation. Financial institutions use this information to build more accurate forecasting models.