Simulator predicts fire behavior 10x more accurately than existing models
in under 5 seconds.


Data visualization

View ignition layers, environment layers, and spread perimeters on a map and export to GeoTIFF.

Reliable accuracy

Our approach to spread prediction is provably more accurate than any other existing model and outputs predictions in less time.

Use across devices

Use Fion Simulator across mobile, tablet, or desktop. GeoTIFF outputs enable maps to be loaded in offline situations.

Fion Guardian uses satellite imagery to detect wildfire perimeters globally and forecasts where they will spread over the next day.


Wildfire perimeter monitoring

Our detection model assesses satellite imagery for burned areas across Earth.

Precise spread model

Every burned area is provided as an input to our spread prediction model to display next-day predicted spread.

Daily refresh

Guardian updates wildfire perimeters and their predicted spread daily.

Our spread prediction model only requires the perimeters of the wildfire to
forecast where it will spread over a 72-hour period over 10x more accurately than existing models.
our data sources

RGB Bands

Infrared bands







Fuel Models

our approach

Our model receives a wildfire perimeter with 45 geospatial data layers and predicts where the wildfire will spread in the next 24 hours.

We use deep convolutional neural networks trained on thousands of fires over the past decade. Our model uses high temporal and spatial fidelity data and is back-tested on NASA fire maps to ensure maximum accuracy.

sample predictions

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