Preventing Fires

Fion provides solutions for fire prediction & detection, spread prediction and destruction estimation—saving time, money and human lives.

fire prevention

Stop fires before they start

We notify authorities of locations that are most at-risk areas for wildfires and then tell them how to respond.

fire detection

Detect fires when they start

Currently, fire detection falls into two camps: satellite imagery and human detection. Fion incorporates double the data sources and real-time machine learning to detect fires within hours.

spread prediction

Predict where fires will spread

Our proprietary algorithm draws from 12 data sources including satellite imagery, wind vectors, vegetation indices, and topography to alert our clients where fires will spread.

destruction estimation

Estimate damage from fires

The strength and accuracy of our spread prediction algorithm means that Fion is the only company in the world that can accurately do destruction estimation for wildfires.

We calculate financial damages that would be caused by a fire to a specific area.

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Who will Fion help?

What does Fion do?

Engineering for natural disaster

Fion is a team of passionate, talented people. We are building the future of natural disaster prediction and detection starting with wildfires.